Publishing Process

This journal uses Open Journal System, which is an open source journal management and publishing software developed, supported, and freely distributed by the Public Knowledge Project under the GNU General Public Licence.

Articles are received through MAFIS webpage and evaluated by the Editorial Committee (EC) according to their relevance to the topic raised. The EC can directly reject the works received without resorting to an external consultation process if it considers them inappropriate for the journal because it lacks the required level of quality, because it does not respond to the subject of the call, due to lack of adaptation to the guidelines established by the journal or for presenting evidence of fraud.

Once this instance is drawn, articles are submitted to the consideration of two external evaluators, specialists in the subject, who evaluate them under the "double blind" system (evaluators do not know the name of the author and vice versa). The evaluators must not belong to the same institution where the article came from. The evaluators review the quality of the works based on their conceptual rigor, academic relevance, originality and clarity of presentation.

The final result of the opinion may be:

  • Accepted without modifications. In this case, the article goes to the correction of style and design for its final disposition in the magazine.
  • Accepted with minor modifications. Normally, aspects of the writing or bibliography, requests for clarification or observations that the evaluators consider pertinent are observed. In this case, the authors will be given a certain time to correct it. After the deadline, if the authors did not make the necessary corrections or discharges, the article will not be published in that edition. If the authors make the necessary changes, the article returns to proofreading. Once the final version is approved, it goes to the correction of style, design and publication. If the Editor-in-Chief or reviewers consider that changes were not fully made, the article will not be published. This definition is final.
  • Accepted with major modifications. The manuscript requires additional research (bibliographic and / or methodological) to meet the basic publication requirements. In this case, the authors will be given a certain time to correct it. After the deadline, if the authors did not make the necessary corrections or discharges, the article will not be published in.
  • Not accepted when it does not meet the minimum standards (in terms of theoretical soundness or has severe deficits in writing) for publication in a number of Magazine. The judgment of the evaluators and the editorial decision are final.

In case of disparate opinions between the evaluators, the Editorial Committee will review them and make a decision on the matter. The decision will be final.

Reviewers have a special form in their MAFIS´s account which attend to both the formal presentation of the paper (clarity and precision in the writing of the article; structuring of the work and adequacy of bibliographic references; tables, figures and equations) and the quality of the content (expository coherence; adequate analysis and justification; conceptual rigor and precision; content presentation logic; contributions to the field of knowledge, relevance and bibliographic news). Authors can download the review criteria for consultation by accessing the Guide for Authors.

Those articles that are accepted will be arranged in the digital version, according to the Editorial Board. MAFIS is not responsible for unpublished works.


The evaluation process will take place throughout the year. The review process, correction and publicaion for each article takes an average of 3 months. Notification to the authors of the articles will be made at the time of receiving all the arbitrations.