Marine Impacts in the Anthropocene - Call for papers

We invite you to participate in a series of original and review articles from 2020 on "Marine Impacts on the Anthropocene" section, to be published in Marine and Fishery Science (MAFIS) . MAFIS strives to advance the dissemination of marine sciences of Latin America through the publication of original articles and reviews of regional impact. Both individually and collectively, original articles and reviews are essential to focus attention, generate opinions, debates and activities in specific fields of research. Important issues to address are:

Climate change will undoubtedly challenge the future of marine environments with rising temperature and sea level, changes in precipitation, melting of glaciers, modification of oceanic productivity and circulation patterns, toxic algae blooms, cycle of the elements, increased occurrence of extreme weather events, acidification of the oceans and hypoxia, mariculture activities, among other effects. Eutrophication and pollution are stressors that would influence marine ecosystems and production potential.

The purpose of this section is to collect contributions on the possible impacts, adaptation and mitigation strategies of marine systems and fisheries. Articles related to phenotypic plasticity, social and economic impacts, marine policies and planning measures are welcome, to name a few, that have a direct and indirect impact on fishing, ecosystems, life cycles, spatial distribution of species .

We encourage you to present controversial issues or that provoke reflection, or an essay "Quo Vadimus" in which you describe what looks like the future of the field, question or problem.